> Gothic & Lolita in Tokyo

This is the Gothic & Lolita photo page . Pictures mostly shot in Harajuku , on the bridge to Yoyogi Park , and a few elsewhere in Tokyo . Gosurori as they say in Japan are so typically japanese in their attention to details in attire & makeup . What would raise eyebrows and bring hassles & mockery elsewhere including in the West goes naturally if not unnoticed in Tokyo . These (mostly young) japanese girls look for something individual in the eccentric Goth & Lolita style . That is why it is hard to find two gothic or lolita girls who look the same . Just stroll the Takeshita street district in Harajuku if you want to sample the fashion trends of young tokyoites , Gosurori is only one among many .Some say schoolgirls being bullied in school , dress like that . I'm not sure it's true . Whatever , they are part of the landscape here , and one of the reasons you'll love the cool looks of Tokyo encountered on its streets . They have plenty of shops and fashion brands that cater for their outfit . One has a funny "japfrench" name : Moi-Meme-Moitie . And they have this glossy & thick magazine , "Gothic & Lolita Bible" , with plenty of informations about the dress , makeup , accessories , shoes ...even do-it-yourself folded patterns ... Anyway , when you stumble on one of these girls , you may use one of the only japanese word you know : Kawaaaai....!

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