> City of the Cool : Tokyo

Tokyo is a fascinating city to discover . These pictures are the result and fruits of my random walks through the town , hundreds of kilometers on foot , discovering the many facets of the metropolis .Of course I made wide use of the Yamanote line and other subway lines , but you still need to walk to know a city . Hard to write about any city in a few words , so here are some impressions written together : This city offers the contrast between grey concrete (concreto) buildings , and crowds that are , on the opposite , never threatening , and even often joyous , especially in the evening when young people , and others , go out to have fun . Aside from the legendary salarymen , women and young women are the economic engine here , in a town where shops and depato ( department stores ) are open 7 days a week . (Japanese) food is everywhere for every budget and the basement level in dept stores is the right place to sample the diverse japanese food world . Electronic/photo/appliances stores are whitebright , noisy and bustling places that are to be experienced , with many stories selling different products , the last story often an adult store these days ...Temples , shrines and gardens dot the city in contrast , offering peace and quietness . Evening after work , young tokyoites fill the streets in a joyfull ambiance and this is best enjoyed in places like Shinjuku , Shibuya , Harajuku , with the giant luminous signs and screens on the buildings . Need to see it to believe it ...

Akihabara Crossing
Baton Rouge
Come In
Coming Of Age
Cool Biker
Cool Boys
Cool Boys 2
Deadly Tools
DoCoMo Girl
Dog Game
Email Girl
Evening Shinjuku
Hachiko Crossing
Hachiko Lights
Hamatsu Cho
Imperial Palace
Jeunes Maries
Meiji Shrine
Night Ambiance
Pachinko Color
Phone Sale
Rain Train
Ramen Shop
Red Cones
Red Lantern
Sashimi Man
School Boys
Shibuya Guard
Shinjuku Station
Signs Color
Strange Thing
Tissue Hide
Tissue Man
Toyota Vitz